The group “Spectrum“ was established in 2002 in Klaipėda.

The group plays only live interpreting standards and well-known themes in her own special way. Musical spectrum played by the group is quite broad: rhythmenblues, rock-and-roll, jazz rock, rock ballads, pop songs.

The very name „Spectrum“ was created due to that reason, by Audrius Litinskas and Vytautas Čeplinskas, the establishers of the group. Almost all of the members also play together with the vocalist Arina in the group „Veto Bank“. „Spectrum“ plays in festivals, clubs, entertainments, parties, banquets, celebrations.

Audrius Litinskas
bass guitar, vocals

Vytautas Čeplinskas

Aidas Česnauskas

Mindaugas Proškinas

Laimonas Urbikas
saxophone, vocals

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